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Brief Bio of a Woman Who Likes to Make Stuff Up

Raised in the Santa Clara Valley by parents who cared deeply about honesty and justice; three siblings; B.A. and M.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University; married at the age of 21 to a man who was a waiter/tournament bridge player; worked as little as possible at jobs in which she typed, filed, and answered phones. With her husband adopted twin boys, one of whom has severe disabilities and the greatest grin on earth. Is really, really, really not a saint.

Garden arch at Broughton Castle, England

Is passionate about:

studying Italian
the San Francisco Giants
Indian food
Pope Francis
electoral politics
the future of the planet
anything that's really, really old

Will eat nothing pictured here

Unfortunate Peculiarities:

doesn't drive
picky eater
very, very slow reader
a real clutterbug
inexplicable aversion to short stories
terrified of nearly everything